During the station week, we were learning how to use different kinds of medium. It went from AI to working with VR headsets. We learned how to screen mirror and how to code a website to create our own AI program.

We were divided in groups to work on creating a kind of installation to learn how to set up screen mirrors and how it could affect how you experience someone’s work, or how the public will respond to your work. It was an interesting experience as we were using a cloth. By using that, it changed the experience of the visuals we created.

But there were a lot of unfortunate problems with the devices used. They didn’t work properly or did not work at all which was too bad as it was an interesting experience. I’ve never thought about using raspberry pi’s and to display them on multiple screens. Some people from the class used their videos and changed the timings of the appearance of their visuals to create a whole installation which was interesting to see.

Next we played around with VR. Since I already knew how I wanted to create and display my final piece for the upcoming final presentation, I didn’t really have a lot of motivation to play around with it. But after a small talk with the teacher, I decided to give it a chance.

It was really confusing, but it ended up being a lot of fun to be honest. Only frustrating thing was getting the picture in the VR headset as you needed a specific program to do it. But once that was set up it was pretty easy to work with.

I created a kind of “ installation” in the end. By putting on the headset you entered a “world” where you were centered in a circle surrounded by images that I ended up using in my final work. You could interact with all the images by grabbing it, zooming in or walking towards the picture. After some classmates and a few teachers interacted with it. I noticed how personal and intimate VR can make your work. Letting my peers enter my childhood, letting them be able to move around personal pictures and the nostalgic feeling they got themselves was something I wasn’t expecting.

I’ll be thinking about maybe implementing VR or screen mirroring as it adds a certain emotion to the body of work.

Playing around with 360 camera’s and Screen mirroring




Playing around with a self coded AI system