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Seeking Home: A Personal Journey of Discovery and Connection

A few years ago I left my hometown. But I noticed that I didn’t feel at ease or welcomed in the new neighborhood. I would often get stared at while doing normal household things like throwing away the trash.

I feel like an outsider.

I started to think as to what my home could be, so I looked up what the definition of home is.

By asking myself questions as to what home means to me, I started to think of my family and the people closest to me. I started thinking about the place I grew up on and the island my parents were born on as we often visited it and a big part of my family still lives there.

The way the project is shot, is to go through my safe spaces, what I consider my peace and my home. By using a black cloth I create a “black void” in the images. By creating the voids I “remove myself” in the image and give the viewers a chance to position themselves in my position. That way they can imagine their own “home”.

By mixing the images with written text, I want people to not only be able to visibly connect with the images. But also be able to connect with the written aspect of a search for “home”.

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