As an assignment by Willem we got these things called Pressure Cookers which contained 3 short assignments. With these we had to come up with projects and execute them within 5 days. I found these interesting because you barely had time to come up with a full project.

For this pressure cooker we had to choose between stragety’s Willem taught us. The 4 strategies were

  • The Objectivists
  • The Subjectivists
  • Between objective & subjective
  • The Reflexivists

The Strategy I chose for the first Pressure Cooker was The Objectivist. Within that strategy you could choose between The Hunter and The Observer. I wanted to challenge myself, so I went with The Observer.

The way I tackled this strategy was to make use of Google Maps. I wanted to research different kinds of markets all over the world. I looked at markets in the EU, America, Asia and the Caribbean.

By  researching these I was trying to look for differences and similarities between the way they organize and run the markets. I also wanted to see the behavior of the public and the differences in food they were selling at the market.