Since the beginning of my journey as a photographer I have been interested in multiple topics that can vary from racism and mental health based topics regarding POC or more editorial/fashion based work.

I always thought that since I am a person of color, I should be creating work based on racism and what it does to people of color.  But I'm starting to move away from the ways and topics I have been working on  and started experimenting with incorporating fashion as a statement. The reason I want to include fashion in my work is because I’ve always been busy with clothes and fashion in general and I can give my work more context that way. The way fabric can enhance a silhouette but can also keep features anonymous is fascinating to me and is something I want to explore more while diving into social and personal topics.

By using photography as a medium I want to understand the meaning of being an artist that’s exploring the world of visual storytelling while creating editorial work.

Luchandro Franca
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