A Path To The Current Me

The archival pictures that I’ve used in my project were stored in my mothers storage room.

When researching and looking for images I started to feel nostalgic but curious about events that happened when I was little as I don’t remember them.
While I was looking at the images, I had conversations with my mom or my family on whatsapp about them. They were explaining when they were, what was happening or who the people were if I didn’t remember them.

I’ve received an interesting question as to WHY I wanted to create this body of work. And it made me think for a while.  And the reason I  wanted to create this body of work was because I wanted to research myself. With that I mean how did my life actually become like this? Why did I get attracted to photography? And why did I want to use archival pictures instead of shooting new work?

As stated before in my research document, I find it important to self reflect upon yourself and grow as a person. The best way for me was to take a step back from the present and reflect on the past and how I got to this point in my life. The way I did it was to go back all the way to the day I was born, look up pictures from the family photobox and use them to create a timeline of events that happened. Things like family gatherings, days out with the family or even seeing the pictures of my little brother being born.

Seeing all these events showed me that I’ve always been around family and people that had good intentions and a warm personality. Being around such people will help you form your own personality.

Another reason why I enjoy creating images and work is because I want people to get educated or feel related to my work. It’s the same with my current work. When I ask people when the last time they reflected on their upbringing or childhood they look at me confused and speechless because they’ve never thought about seeking answers in the past and look for events that made them “them”. By displaying my life I hope that people want to look back at their own childhood pictures and think of all the good times that they had as a child.